Watch the one-minute video to hear from youth organizers.

TODAY, February 20, 1-3pm

Join the Covid-Safe Rally/March to

Stop Costco's Mega Gas Station

Building new gas stations anywhere is a bad idea.
Building a 28-pump mega gas station next to Novato's vital wetlands
is a really, really bad idea. 
Join organizers from 350 Marin, Sustainable Novato, and Green Novato
to stop Costco's plans.  
At our peaceful protest, wearing a face mask and 6-foot social distancing will be required.
The rally convenes at 1pm at the Rowland Park-n-Ride, just off Hwy 101 in Novato.

Sign the Petition.

Help Novato reach zero fossil-fuel emissions by 2030. That means stopping investments in fossil fuel technology. Please sign the petition to oppose the Costco Mega Gas Station at Vintage Oaks. Alongside 350Marin and Sustainable Novato we will stop misguided investment in fossil fuel infrastructure.

Write to Novato City Council.

You can reach all of Novato's council members by writing to
[email protected]
Tell them why you're opposed to a mega gas station at Costco.
Remind them of their November 10, 2020, pledge: "the City of Novato and the Novato City Council will continue to advocate for and join in a climate mobilization at the local, state, national, and global levels in supporting emergency efforts to mitigate climate change."

More Details.

Drive slowly into the Park-n-Ride. There is only one narrow entrance for vehicles. Go slow and make sure you're entering the lot, not re-entering the freeway.

The walking route to Costco is less than a mile. Keep in mind you can march back the same way — definitely more visibility.

Scheduled speakers include:

Judy Arnold, Supervisor, County of Marin District 5

Barbara Clifton Zarate, White Buffalo Woman

Lily Cohen, 350 Marin

Carleen Cullen, Founder, Cool the Earth

Chance Cutrano, Resource Renewal Institute

Cecilia Osborn, School of Environmental Leadership

Kevin Morrison, Green Novato

Sue Saunders, Indivisible Ross Valley

Silke Valentine, 350 Marin, Sierra Club Marin

Note: no bathrooms at park-n-ride.
Green Novato is a nonpartisan movement committed to green change in Novato and throughout Marin County. We're working for electricity self-reliance and a carbon-zero city by 2030.

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