No New Gas vs City of Novato

While I cannot discuss the specifics of the lawsuit, I can present the overall picture of this issue. 

First, it is a shame that four Novato Council members voted in favor of building the largest fueling facility in Marin County. That is what the lawsuit is all about.

If built, it would become the largest emitter of harmful airborne chemicals in the County.

If built, it would place 120,000 gallons of gasoline some 50 yards from vital wetlands, with no guarantee against catastrophic spillage.

If built, there would be no guarantee of additional tax revenue for the City of Novato.

In order to entice Costco to build the station, the City agreed to spend $500,000 improving parking on Rowland Boulevard. That investment would come at a time when the City is struggling to pay its employees and provide basic services to its residents.

How can four Novato City Council members vote in favor of building such a harmful boondoggle? Just two months after declaring a climate emergency? It reminds me of what Greta Thunberg said about politicians who talk about fighting for the environment but then do the exact opposite:  “It really shows the hypocrisy.”

Dear Fossil Four:

Do you favor clean air, good health, and a green economy? Your recent vote says "No."

Instead of letting Costco dictate your agenda, please listen to the voices of youth. Start investing in the future.


Green Novato (and many others)

View sign-on letter here.

"Start investing in our future"

Youth Activists Speak

Watch the one-minute video to hear from youth organizers.

Supervisor Arnold Speaks Out.

Judy Arnold is Marin County Supervisor for District 5 (Novato).

"This is critical habitat."

Chance Cutrano is Director of Programs for the Research Renewal Institute.

"Are you kidding me?"

Carleen Cullen is Co-Founder of Cool the Earth.

"I can't think of a worse idea."

Cecilia Osborn is a sophomore at Marin School of Environmental Leadership.

"Students fear for their future."

Sue Saunders is a teacher and also a member of Indivisible Ross Valley.

"City Hall, you work for us."

Kevin Morrison is Founder of Green Novato.

"We all have to change our ways."

Silke Valentine is a member of 350 Marin and Sierra Club Marin.

"The right side of history."

Lily Cohen is an organizer with 350 Bay Area's Mobilization Team.

Taking it to Costco

Nik leads rallygoers to Costco.

Novato City Council Votes 4-1 for Costco Gas.

Despite fierce opposition, on March 9, Novato's City Council approved Costco's application to build a giant new gas station. Organizations opposing the application included environmental groups in Marin, as well as groups representing thousands Bay Area-wide.
They pointed out that new investment in fossil fuel infrastructure is wrong-headed; that building a large gasoline facility 50 yards from vital wetlands is dangerous, and that Costco has circumvented demands for a new environmental impact report by using flawed data from its own consultants. View the sign-on letter here.
Watch this space for announcements about upcoming actions. 

Write to The Fossil Four.

You can reach all of Novato's council members by writing to
[email protected]
Tell them why you're opposed to a mega gas station at Costco.
Remind them of their November 10, 2020, pledge: "the City of Novato and the Novato City Council will continue to advocate for and join in a climate mobilization at the local, state, national, and global levels in supporting emergency efforts to mitigate climate change."

Green Novato is a nonpartisan movement committed to green change in Novato and throughout Marin County. We're working for electricity self-reliance and a carbon-zero city by 2030.

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