It's difficult to gather in person, and many people are understandably focused on the pandemic, #BLM, and the household budget. But we don't want to forget the climate crisis. A ShoeStrike uses shoes and small signs to send a message: we are still here. We are still asking for climate justice and a Green New Deal.

By placing your shoes on the steps of City Hall or sharing a photo of your shoes with #BayAreaShoeStrike, you can help more people remember: this is still happening. Because they are so visually engaging, ShoeStrikes receive media attention. Plus, they can remind us that the current crises can best be solved together: climate justice, social justice, racial justice, and a strong economy go hand-in-hand.

Kevin James Morrison


Founder, Green Novato. Comms consultant to climate, education, social justice nonprofits. "Seeking to upend the current structure" says local paper.