We can prevent power outages

And create our own electricity.

Stinson Beach generates enough solar power for itself, but current law prevents it from becoming energy-independent. (Environmental Forum of Marin: Community Microgrids: Renewable Energy and Resilience, February 4, 2020.) 

Every city, town, and neighborhood in Marin could be like Stinson. As one local expert observes:

“The failures of our ... governments ... in ensuring our safety —  including reliable electricity so vital to modern life and public health” create jeopardy for all of us.

We can change that within four years if County leadership will be bold.

We can end homelessness

The County has 154 emergency shelter beds for more than 1000 Marin homeless residents. An additional 500 people live in vehicles on Marin streets. (Pacific Sun, July 21, 2021.) Homelessness is a moral emergency, and we can end it. 

All our neighbors deserve the basic dignity of shelter.

We can prevent climate crisis

The County of Marin set a goal to reach zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2045. (Marin County Climate Action Plan 2030, p. 17). We don’t have that much time. We must reach zero by 2030. Local scientists and engineers agree it’s possible — but it will take political will and public support.

We can require our sheriff to follow the law

The outgoing sheriff leaves behind a culture in which Black and LatinX people are arrested at staggeringly disproportionate rates. But the Marin Board of Supervisors says “no” to overseeing the department. This must change.

ALSO:  vote for Adam McGill for sheriff. His commitment to 21st-century policing is what Marin needs.

We can make Marin Civic Center work for us

The Board of Supervisors hardly ever debates in public and almost always votes unanimously. Marin deserves a thoughtful Board that leads with values, not political calculations. I will fight to end the Board of Supervisors’ culture of backroom dealing.

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