Frequently Asked Questions

Green Novato means we:

  1. Declare a Climate Emergency.
    Our local actions matter today.
  2. Take the Green Novato Pledge.
  3. Back the federal Green New Deal.
    Pass a resolution of support and send a letter of support today.
  4. Take the Green New Deal Pledge.
  5. Eliminate taxes and fees on green businesses.
    Incentivize green prosperity today.
  6. Green the City Fleet.
    Make all city vehicles fossil-fuel-free by 2029.
  7. Green the City Energy Grid.
    Make all city energy 100% fossil-fuel-free by 2029.
  8. Build EV Charging Infrastructure.
    Enable access for ALL residents by 2029.
  9. Build resilient microgrids.
    Enable fossil-fuel-free neighborhoods by 2029.
  10. Make Grant Avenue a Green Showcase. 
    Open only to pedestrians, bikes, and EVs by 2029.

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