Tuesday 12 January at 6:15

Join the Zoom meeting to encourage our city leaders to tackle the tough climate problems right now. Join the meeting at https://bit.ly/2IrGFrE

If needed, the Meeting ID and password are:

Meeting ID:  946 5789 8607

Password:  1960

The full draft of the Climate Emergency Resolution is here.

What to say?

Here are the three big ways to fight climate change in Novato:  

Ban new gas pipeline infrastructure.

Gas pipelines are mostly old, decaying infrastructure. Banning new gas pipelines and hook-ups ensures better public safety and lowers the risk of explosions. It dramatically improves the environment: methane usage is the second-largest contributor of greenhouse gases from households in Novato. Many Bay Area cities recently banned new gas hook-ups — reducing the cost of new construction and delivering huge environmental benefits.

Build solar.

Many cities and towns are not just requiring rooftop solar, they're helping homeowners afford it.

Build electric vehicle infrastructure.

EVs and e-bikes are getting more and more popular. The environmental benefit is huge: When a Novato household stops driving gas vehicles and starts driving zero emission vehicles, it chops its GHG emissions by 40-50%. Meanwhile, as a city, we must build out EV infrastructure and stop building new gas stations. We must make sure it's easy to charge at apartment buildings and condos. We need to transform the City of Novato fleet.

How you feel.

Everyone agrees that solving environmental problems is important. Whether you believe in gas bans, EVs, or something else, it's time to speak up. Tell Novato how you feel!