Alicia Garza defines community organizing as “the messy work of bringing people together, from different backgrounds and experiences, to change the conditions they are living in.”

In Novato (and throughout Marin County) we need to do that messy work. We need leaders — community organizers — to help us change the conditions we are living in.

Our greenhouse gas emissions from gasoline and natural gas are third-worst in the Bay Area. Marin's elected leaders talk about change but do little to make it happen.  

Green Novato is a leader-full organization. There isn't one leader but many. Leaders from neighborhoods and businesses who recognize the need for change, working together to uphold our common values.


Green Novato values action above all. We're ready for robust and meaningful action, not baby steps and symbolic gestures. 

We value intersectional action in order to address all the challenges — housing, transportation, jobs — health care, homelessness, and racial equity. All are related. All can be solved together and alongside the problem of global climate change. 


Everyone agrees that solving those interrelated problems is important. But how?

It can start simply: the City of Novato (and the County of Marin) can curtail investment in fossil fuel infrastructure. No more dangerous and expensive natural gas pipelines. No new gas stations.

We can work together with business, organizations, and institutions to invest in electric vehicle infrastructure, as well as solar and wind energy. 

With intersectional values and robust policies — and with your leadership — Green Novato can make Novato carbon-neutral by 2030.